Home Work

On 16 July 2007, I registered Vita Photography as a limited liability company for the production of real estate photographs at the North Carolina Secretary of State Corporations Division.  The goal, from its inception, was to turn the work product of Vita Photography, LLC, into an exhibit where rooms that no longer exist as they were photographed would be displayed, without individual people represented, though not entirely unpopulated, since private possessions appear in many images, interior spaces imply occupancy, and the photographer’s presence is always, necessarily, implied.  

Artistically, the project was two-fold:  first, to build a business for photographing residential real estate, serving agents and brokers with an ethic of representing each address in an honest way (no wide-angle lens distortions) while searching for the architectural and design elements that would be appreciated by someone who loves the property as a home; and, second, to create a large number of digital images carefully composed and exposed so that they did not have to be edited or rebalanced. 

“Vita” in Latin means “Life.”  This project was named for a seamless insertion into domestic environments and transactional concerns.  Special thanks to all of the agents and brokers who enabled this project to succeed, and, especially, the property owners who opened their homes for photography.