Having been employed as a negotiator and intellectual property consultant, my artistic projects always include a consideration of the relationship between finance and creativity.  My last two art projects were “Home Work” --establishing a business to produce real estate photographs -- and “Body of Work” -- capturing amateur and professional mixed martial arts competitions in North and South Carolina.  Although very different, both of those projects explored phenomenology, how people feel about themselves as bodies, and how this impacts their interactions with each other.  Stagecraft, spectacle, and performance illuminate the boundary between individuals and the roles they assume. As the official photographer for the Durham Performing Arts Center (“DPAC”), I have furthered this consideration onto a grand scale -- 2800 audience members largely darkened from view while sharing focus on a select number of performers spotlit onstage. Photography has always been the medium of light.  At DPAC, I have studied how artists onstage use light and shadow for their own expressive purposes.